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          TV Rental in Singapore

Rent a TV , Audio visual rental

                                             Our service is fast, reliable and affordable. Get started today!                                                                                                                          

                                                                                                                                        Andriano +65 9782 9001

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I'm a Pressure Funk provides LED TV, Monitor Displays, Video Wall, Projectors, Screens & Sound. Click It's easy.

Digital Signage


Digital signage is revolutionizing the media and create unique, engaging experiences that make an impact. 

65"Multi Touch Screen


The process of authentication or the fundamental skills of communicating and learning can be enhanced with a touch screen that provides tactile or touch feedback. Devices that provide synchronized sound and graphics upon touch are more intuitive, personal and satisfying. Now the predictive sensation of touch and response can be applied to touch screens to heighten interaction and usability.


 Multi Touch Screen

 65" Samsung Smart Tv


 Smart LED TV Wall Mount
 TV offers the best picture quality, design and   energy efficiency


40"/ 46" / 55" / 65" / 79" Smart LED TV
 Smart LED Vertical TV Mobile Stand
 TV offers the best picture quality, design and   energy efficiency


42"/ 46" / 55" / 65" / 79" Smart LED TV
 Samsung Horizon TV Mobile Stand
 TV offers the best picture quality,   design and   energy efficiency


40"/ 46" / 55" / 65" / 79" Smart Tv LED TV



Pressure Funk provides rental of projectors from small events as meeting, birthday , function , parties ,  to large venue theatre and outdoor cinema.


Projector for Small event

2000 Ansi Lumen Projector 

4000 Ansi Lumen Projector


Projector for Large event

 5000 Ansi Lumen Projector 

10000 Ansi Lumen Projector

12000 Ansi Lumen Projector


Portable Screen


Projector screens that travel from location to location readily. 

Light , compact in black.

Screen Size

5 feet Tripod Screen

6 feet Tripod Screen

7 feet Tripod Screen

8 feet Tripod Screen


Fast Folded Mobile Screen


Fast Fold Mobile Screen, FAS Series are specially designed for convenient mobile usage. It's lightweight and foldable joint frame design it has the best performance with fast and easy installation.Supplied with flight cases with every FAS Screen it is best suitable for presenters on the move for indoor/outdoor events, exhibitions, conference usage.



Screen Size

 8 feet x  6 feet Screen

10 feet x  7 feet Screen

14 feet x 10 feet Screen

20 feet x 14 feet Screen



Pressure Funk provide rental of sound system for a wide variety

of different events and venues. 

Equipment :

Thump 15 Active Tripod Speakers

Audio Mixer

SHURE Wired Microphone

SHURE Wireless Microphone

Pioneer CDJ Console

Pioneer Aero DDJ Console

Technic MK2 Turntable




Light up event venue with Lycra Screen & Deco



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